Who can be deported?

Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen can be deported if convicted of certain criminal offenses – such as crimes of violence, crimes of fraud or even minor drug or weapons offenses. You may also be subject to deportation if you entered illegally or you have overstayed the time allowed by a your visa. The good news is that there many different ways to defend our clients and keep them from being deported! I can defend you against deportation removal proceedings in immigration courts throughout the United States.

I am an Attorney that will fight for you

Only an attorney can appear in immigration court for you to argue that you deserve to be allowed to remain in the United States. I can defend you against deportation and make the court consider your entire situation – family connections, lack of criminal record, ties and contributions to the community.

We can help you with Cancellation of Removal, Withholding of Removal, Deferred Prosecution and Voluntary Departure. Please don’t let your loved one sign deportation papers because they assume they have no defense – accept our free consultation first!

Deportation & I.C.E. DetentionI.C.E. Hold and Bond

When our clients are detained by I.C.E. we can request immigration bond. In cases where I.C.E. denies bond, I will go to immigration court to fight for my client’s bond. We know how urgently our clients need to get out of detention – you cannot help yourself or your family while locked up by I.C.E.

When you, your family or your business has an immigration problem – or even just questions – contact us for a free consultation.